KOI CBD Releases Naturals

KOI CBD Releases KOI Naturals infused with Prizm Proprietary Full Spectrum CBD Blend.

Koi CBD, a premium Natural CBD company this week announced they have released their latest product. 100% Natural CBD Blend infused with their proprietary Koi PRIZM full spectrum CBD (hemp extract).

Naturals contain active cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, CBDV, CBG, and naturally present Terpenes. When combined provide the ultimate CBD experience, with 0% THC. The new product is available under the KOI Naturals Tab at www.valleycbds.com

Koi CBD spokesperson, Brent Brunner says… “We make a commitment to totally natural products, relying on Mother Nature’s pristine elements alone”. We use no artificial flavorings, chemicals, preservatives in our products. Our latest Koi Naturals follows these same guidelines, comprised of only the bare essentials with absolutely no THC included.”

Koi Naturals comes packaged with a dropper, for easing dosage administration. These supplements can be used orally or added to food or beverages.

As we know about the lack of standardization in the CBD industry. Koi CBD’s extraction process provides the most consistent and quality CBD available today, with each batch having full traceability from start to finish.

Koi CBD’s products are legal in all 50 states.

“CBD is still a new development in our medical industry. Thus we want to stress that CBD is entirely different than THC, the compound associated with cannabis,” said Brunner. “CBD provides all of the same benefits, without the debilitating ‘high.’ Spread the word on the rollout of our latest product, and considering adding Koi Naturals to any daily routine.”